Why purchase a watch at Boccardo Jewelers?

We stand behind our products & provide personalized customer service to all of our customers
Our watches are factory fresh and are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty

I work every day until 5PM.. Are you open any nights?


  • Monday 10-7
  • Tuesday 10-5
  • Wednesday 10-5
  • Thursday 10-8
  • Friday 10-5
  • Saturday 10-5


Holiday Hours:

  • Monday 10-8
  • Tuesday 10-8
  • Wednesday 10-8
  • Thursday 10-8
  • Friday 10-8
  • Saturday 10-5
  • Sunday 10-5

I live out of town … can I still make purchases and send repairs to Boccardos?

Yes, we do phone and e-mail orders every day … our products and services are shipped daily Via UPS,
FedEX and Express Insured Mail.

Do you service all brands?

We do repairs on all brands of watches and jewelry. Our building houses a jewelry repair shop and a watch shop, both are fully stocked with parts necessary to complete most repairs.